What is Eighty8?


Eighty8 is proud to offer the highest level of service. From hello to goodbye making our existing and new clients relaxed and refreshed from start to finish.

Our Service Is Everything


Each of our services are tailored to the individual, providing the perfect balance of technique, style and suitability.


We take our craft seriously

Our space…


Stepping outside of the average barbershop box, Eighty8 LoveToCreate has teamed up with artist and designer “Art by H” to form a unique blend between Barber shop and Art gallery.


This modern contemporary space brings Eighty8 to life

Price Menu


Haircut & Styled Finish

A haircut & styled finish includes a complimentary shampoo and conditioning if requested. Using our very own tea tree products helping cleanse and revitalise the hair and scalp before experiencing a well-executed cut and finish. Each haircut is finished by a hot towel neck shave.


Director: £25 Senior Stylist: £22 Junior Stylist: £18


Beard Trim

Kick back and relax whilst our stylist takes care of your facial hair needs, leaving your stubble or beard to your desired length and shape.




Director: £10 Senior Stylist: £10 Junior Stylist: £10


Beard And Facial Treatment

This is a beard trim with that extra touch. Loose yourself in hot towels, premium products and essential oils ensuring that your fully refreshed, renewed and looking your best


Director: £18 Senior Stylist: £18 Junior Stylist: £18


Senior Gents

Making sure our senior clients are comfortable and relaxed while a stylist engages in good conversation with the added bonus of a suitable haircut.


Director: £15 Senior Stylist: £12 Junior Stylist: £10


Under 13's

Keeping the future generation looking smart and cool.


Director: £18 Senior Stylist: £15 Junior Stylist: £12


Buzz Cut

A simple but well executed clipped cut to your desired length, finished off with a stimulating hair tonic and of course a hot towel neck shave.


Director: £15 Senior Stylist: £12 Junior Stylist: £10


Hot Towel Shave

A luxury wet shave begins by softening the beard and opening the pores of the skin with our menthol hot towels, then lathering the face with soothing shaving creams and oils to secure a close and smooth shave.

Finalised with a facial massage using cooling lotions and a icy cold towel to close the pores and bring the service to an end.


Director: £25 Senior Stylist: £25 Junior Stylist: £25

Opening Times

Our opening hours are to ensure that we can meet all of our clients needs and requirements, due to us understanding how busy you are. Out of hours appointments are available at an added cost. Please consult with one of our team to discuss further.

Monday 8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 7am - 5.30pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

Who are We

Joey Power
A creative and unique character with ideas way out of the box. He’s forward thinking gives Joey a heads up when it comes to men’s hair. Having worked within London’s high end service environment, Joey knows how to deliver and make a client feel comfortable and confident.
Joe Sloan
A true educator of the craft at the highest level. With 13 years of teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge, Joe is the driving force behind our educational values. Constantly pushing the Eighty8 team towards excellence and delivering world acknowledged NVQ qualifications.